What to do After an Accident

What to do After an Accident

California Only


1. Get the name, driver’s license number, vehicle license, insurance information, witness name and number, and note location, time and date.


2. Contact the shop of your choice and have them set up a tow or appointment to get your vehicle in the shop. If you need alternative transportation and have rental coverage or the other party’s insurance is paying the bill, ask the shop to set up the rental for you.


3. Contact the insurance company responsible and let them know where the vehicle is and/or where it is going and ask for a claim number. If the insurance company wants to examine your vehicle at your house or in their drive-in claim center, you have the choice of doing this, or if it is inconvenient, inform the insurance company that you are dropping the vehicle at the shop of your choice and they can see the vehicle there.


4. If you are the insured, ask if you have rental coverage. If you are the third party claimant and need transportation, inform the insurance company that the shop is setting up the rental.


5. Call the shop and give them the claim number.


6. From this point on, the shop will negotiate on your behalf to insure that your vehicle will be returned to pre-loss condition.



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